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Centre for Indigenous Health Leadership

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“It’s an Indigenous college. It was designed by Indigenous learners and teachers with the whole structure built upon an Indigenous value system.”

Indigenous learning pathways for community health and Nation-building

The Centre for Indigenous Health Leadership offers flexible programming and professional credentials that help Indigenous health professionals acquire the connections, confidence and capacity to create health and wellness in their communities. Designed by and for Indigenous health professionals, we are building a learning culture rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing, learning and leading.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed for current and aspiring First Nations health leaders. We offer a unique learning experience where First Nations health professionals work together with their peers to gain practice-based knowledge and skills that are immediately relevant to their communities and context.

A learning pathway for Health Directors

Health Director Certificate Program

The Health Director Certificate Program builds skills, knowledge and connection, empowering Health Directors to confidently lead health and wellness in their communities and Nations.

The Learning Experience

Our programs are designed to meet individuals where they are on their professional journey with the flexibility and support they need to balance life and learning.

“I have three kids, and I have this professional career. I’m trying to juggle being an active member of revitalizing culture and my family. There’s so many hats to wear, but I recognize that I need to do some professional development.”



“I’m here to learn everything that I can. All of our communities are unique and working in an Indigenous community is far different than working with other organizations.”



“I’ve really appreciated being together with other health directors. Even though we are in different communities, we face a lot of the same challenges, and having a forum to talk about those things has been really beneficial.”



Other Learners

Our Story

We are an Indigenous designed and led Centre that builds health and wellness leadership capacity among professionals working to improve health among First Nations people.


To be a leader in Indigenous health leadership education.

Statement of Purpose

The Centre for Indigenous Health Leadership is committed to professional capacity development by pursuing excellence in learning and engagement in health care management for First Nations communities in British Columbia.