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Program Offering/ Certificate Program
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Health Director Certificate Program

Health Director Certificate Program

The Health Director Certificate Program is a multidisciplinary professional program designed by and for Health Directors working in urban, rural and remote communities across BC. From communications and human resources to financial management and policy development, the program builds the skills, knowledge and connection Health Directors require to confidently lead health services delivery in their communities.

About the Program

The program is based on a two-eyed seeing approach, which ensures that the two cultures we live in (First Nations and European) are equally reflected and valued in the learning environment, including: languages, epistemologies, methods, norms and practices. Program curriculum is informed by Health Director perspectives, guided by the Seven Standards of Excellence and taught by subject matter experts.

Learners join a culturally-safe learning environment that values the unique personal and professional background that each individual brings, and fosters connection and mentorship amongst professional peers.

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

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Key Information

Health Director Certificate

Program Length
2 years (part-time)

Next Cohort Start Date
Fall 2024

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FNHDA Introduction and Overview

Value the Program Provides

The Certificate combines theory and practice-based learning in a professional credential for Health Directors that is culturally-relevant, trauma-informed and rooted in Indigenous knowledge. It is designed to support Health Directors from all individual and professional backgrounds to gain the skills, capabilities and connections to confidently deliver health and wellness services in their communities.

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“I’ve really appreciated being together with other health directors. Even though we are in different communities, we face a lot of the same challenges, and having a forum to talk about those things has been really beneficial.”



Who the Program is for

Practicing current FNHDA Health Director members are eligible to apply for the certificate program with support from their Chiefs. Each cohort includes approximately 25 individuals from across the five regions in BC.

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“As health directors, we’re the thought leaders of facilitating healing in our communities. We set the tone of what our communities can be, and I realized that I need to up my game.”



“There’s never really been a program that is specifically for health directors in the community. So that’s why I wanted to take it.”



“I don’t think you can find a program that would be more focused on our current positions as health directors, and all the complexity that goes along with that.”



Other Learners

Tuition and fees

Financial assistance is available through FNHDA. Please contact to learn more.

Program Structure

The certificate program is made up of eight courses, each focused on a different area of study considered foundational to the Health Director role and to the aspirations of the 7 Standards of Excellence. Courses are taught online by subject matter experts.

Note: Courses are scheduled based on availability and may not follow the sequence shown below.

Course Descriptions

“It’s an Indigenous college. It was designed by Indigenous learners and teachers with the whole structure is built upon an Indigenous value system.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the First Nations Health Director Certificate Program.