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Indigenous learning pathways for community health and Nation-building

The Centre for Indigenous Health Leadership program offering is tailored to First Nations health leaders, their communities, and their vision for resilient, healthy, self-determining Nations.

Our curriculum and learning delivery model is based on a two-eyed seeing approach, which ensures that the two cultures we live in (First Nations and European) are equally reflected and valued in the learning environment, including: languages, epistemologies, methods, norms and practices.

All our programs unite two-eyed seeing, lived experience and practice-based education in a culturally safe learning environment where Indigenous health professionals gain the connections, confidence and capabilities to create and deliver health and wellness in their communities.

Health Director Certificate Program

For practising and aspiring Health Directors, the Health Director Certificate is a professional credential that builds skills, capacity and connection. It is designed for the unique BC First Nations health context and empowers Indigenous health professionals to confidently lead health and wellness in their communities, and Nations.

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Future Programs

Our learning model is designed to support and surround professionals working in Indigenous health, wellness and capacity-building with clear pathways to professional growth and higher education opportunities.

The Centre’s future offerings will continue to expand to meet the needs of professionals working in Indigenous health and include flexible programming, micro and stackable credentials, professional programs and undergraduate degree pathways.

“I’ve been in the health field for more than 40 years. I have certificates on certificates, but it doesn’t matter how many you have because you always come across new and important ways to grow your knowledge.”